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Born on December 18th in Chesley, Ontario, Canada. Height: 5' 6' tall, very athletic with blond hair and brown eyes. Vicky was a medalist at the Canadian Track and Field Championships.

She made her TV debut in 1996 in Go For It, a Discovery Channel series devoted to nontraditional sports.

Victoria Pratt, I first knew as Vicky Pratt from a big poster that happened to be on the wall of a room that I had rented. It was a very nice poster. I did't think much more of it than that until one day I took a closer look... Later, I stumbled across a little add in a fitness magazine for a picture that cost like $3.95. So I sent it in and sure enough I received back a really great autographed photo from Victoria Pratt. This was my first experience being a fan of anyone. Later, I started seeing Victoria on my television screen on various TV shows. Mutant X , Xena warrior princess, Cleopatra 2525 and many more. I have since had the pleasure to meet both Victoria and TJ Scott (Movie Director who is married to Vicky). Victoria graduated Summa cum laude from York University, Toronto, Canada with a degree in Kinesiology. read more


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