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Haven't found available episodes in the US with Victoria. Some earlier shows are available on Amazon and Netflix, but not any with Victoria yet.


Amazon Queen "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995-2001), Sarge (Cleopatra 2525),"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000-2015) and "Mutant X" (2001-05),"John Woo's Once a Thief: Family Business" (1997-98) and "John Woo's Once a Thief: Brother Against Brother" (1997-98), "NCIS" (2003-). "Castle" (2008-)

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"The Mallory Effect" (2002). She also starred in the TV movies "Murder at the Presidio" (2004-05) and "Hush" (2004-05),"Ham & Cheese" (2007) with Scott Baio. . She also acted on the big screen in films like "What Love Is" (2007) with Sean Astin and "Brotherhood of Blood" (2008), "Hush Little Baby" (2007-08) and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (2007-08). "The Virginian." .

Double Down Novel by Victoria Pratt!
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She's catching bad guys, one lap dance at a time.

  A Cassidy Jones Novel #1

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You can keep up with Victoria's TV and film projects here.
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Victoria is an athlete, writer, model, fitness guru, actor, scholar and entrepreneur. Vicky has a long Résumé , including many other hobbies and interest. Vicky has been a positive inspiration for a lot of people (myself included) through her work in fitness, film and print. Attended York University in Toronto. Has a degree in Kinesiology.

Getting Started

Thanks to the late Robert Kennedy (publisher of many of the most popular fitness magazines, including Oxygen, MuscleMag, and American Curves). While writing and working with Robert, he recognised her talent and convinced Victoria to pursue a career in acting.


Victoria has a couple of more fansites. This one doesn't get updated as much, since I am on the road a lot. I believe all is good and now should be functioning correctly across all devices.



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